Traditional Medicine (Knowledge HOME)

One major research area of CGC is oKnowledge HOMEn: translational medicine and possible technological solutions that bring about a transformation in the clinical and public health practices. In particular, there are only two forms (i.e., visible and audible) by which it is possible today to transmit partial information using the wireless communication technologies. The institute would lay special focus on knowledge human bond communication beyond 2050 (Knowledge HOME). Human bond communication would bring about a drastic change in the technological ecosystem in terms of possible application, analytic, and utilities, mainly focusing the research on translational medicine.


The Knowledge HOME would also serve as a platform for exchanging the perceptive information between individuals. This perceptive information altogether in its exchangeable format is the KNOWLEDGE that individuals attain. The society would anticipate in the future, mechanisms that require and allow communications of the “real” information. A virtual part of the day to day life of human beings comprises their understanding and interaction with the environment through the senses that are not taken into account by the current communication technologies, i.e., smell, touch, and taste. Actually, all senses communication would allow interaction between people separated by a physical distance based on these senses to the emergence of a real interconnected world. Cyber crime, persuasive technology, persuasive business models, and human bond communication together with communication, navigation, sensing and services (CONASENSE) will be important topics for CGC.

Knowledge HOME would also serve as a social driven platform that organizes ICT related material and offers a variety of services to its members. Knowledge home will make available to the ICT society the recent advancements and will promote R&D excellence; thus becoming a powerful toolkit for researchers, industrialist, venture capitalists, regulators and academia.