CGC from 2015 will continue the journey onwards with the aim to become world leader on 5G technology, multi business modeling and entrepreneurship research. As leader, CGC will play the key role in serving the communication requirements of the global society through its capacity to carryout research requirement a cross-/inter-disciplinary approach. This mandate would be achieved by the in house capacity of the CGC to carry out the complete process from inception of a business model and technology idea to their commercialization by nourishing young graduates to develop on entrepreneurial, intrapreneurial, and interpreneurial bend of mind across competences. Till date the communication technology solutions have been designed to convey useful information that is supported with incremental changes made to the underlying system. However, the future digital and virtual society integrated and embedded with the physical world will require networks – communication systems that support data rates multiple orders higher than those supported under even the ideal conditions of 2015.