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CGC (CTIF Global Capsule) is a non-profit association.Villa-Mondragone-e1464086633336It has been inaugurated in Villa Mondragone on October 28, 2015 and legally registered in march 2016. The vision of CGC stresses on its leadership and potential in fulfilling communication needs of the society and ushering it into the cross-/ inter-disciplinary multi-business modeling era. The mission of the Association is to develop research activities, at the national and international level, with a specialist and interdisciplinary approach, concerning Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and their related multidisciplinary application. In particular, the current members are currently professors and researchers affiliated with several Universities in Europe, and working on different fields (from medicine to economics and law). The Association constitutes a centre of excellence, where professors, researchers, and young academics from the EU and other countries can collaborate, also through group researches and collaborations with institutions, research centers and the industry.